Sunday, 17 November 2013

An Offbeat Sweethart...

As some of you may know, Claire Nada (blogger/model genius behind Fashion's Sweethart) and I have collaborated a few times with a few different designers/labels/MUAs.

My favourite collaboration with Fashion's Sweethart to date, has to have been our most recent lookbook shoot for House of Cards. With a slick rockabilly quiff hairstyle created by myself and flawless makeup by A La Lumiere Makeup & Beauty / Danielle Riley we explored the idea of an alien lost in translation outside the stark facade of the Brisbane Powerhouse.

House of Cards are about to open up a permanent residency in Winn Lane - Fortitude Valley. It's great to see this label expand as we have lately seen some Australian greats cease production, labels like House of Cards have begun to flourish.

Claire has been an infallible contact to date, and a Sweethart to boot. Without the help of bloggers like her, and my branding wizard Maryanne Jauch (responsible for designing my business card, logo and banners) the re-branding process that has been undertaken over the past few months would have been a struggle. 

In the creative industry in Brisbane it is of utmost importance that you network your little heart out and create useful contacts that can introduce you to other useful contacts. In the process, it's also a great way to make friends and discover new brands!

Please enjoy a selection of images from our photoshoot and don't forget to follow @offbeatimaging on Instagram and "like" us on Facebook. 

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

x E

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